Monthly Archives: March 2014

Chief Navigator and Trouble-Maker

I would have to say the past month has been filled with some not-as-welcomed excitement. When I left La Cruz for the Baja, I had Willow all ready to go. The monsters were aboard, there was a light breeze, and I was itching to make some miles. As I turned my back to release one of the docklines, you guessed it, Makani hopped back ashore for some exploration. I moved Willow out of the marina and past the anchorage, and happily hoisted sail. Willow was moving nicely, and the vane was steering her flawlessly. Settling in for the 3-4 day crossing, I checked and double-checked my lines, safety measures and navigation. I noted Kai was acting strange, chasing me down wherever I was, meowing at me, and ultimately nipping my leg. In the past, she has been a huge rat fink, tattling on Makani whenever he was off the boat, puking, or doing something he shouldn’t be doing. I know, that’s normally most of the time… Anyhow, I started calling for the monster and looking in all of his hidey-holes. I couldn’t find him. I got on the radio and called Bernard of Simple Pleasures, who was two slips down from me while I was in the marina. Sure enough, he reported Makani lying in the shade of what would’ve been my dockbox, if Willow was still in the marina. So I reversed everything I had already done and headed back to the slip. Makani was NOT happy that I had left him behind. Truthfully, me neither. I gathered up my wayward feline and headed out once again. We had a great but bumpy ride back to Ensenada de Los Muertos, and then ultimately La Paz, and Marina Palmira.

After a few days in the slip, I noted the Fat Boy to be limping on an intermittent basis and missing about 50% of his jumps. Wanting to make sure he wasn’t having an acute problem, I took him to the vet, who recommended an xray. Unfortunately she didn’t have xray capabilities, so she referred me to another clinic. Once there, the fun began… Makani was very tolerant until the vet began sedating him with one shot after another. Soon, he was out. Fortunately, the vet let me in the back to assist in holding Makani in the correct position for the rayos equis. After the first film, I asked the vet if he had a feline equivalent of an ambu bag and some oxygen, as Fat Boy was no longer breathing. He had a good heart rate, but he was just forgetting to breathe. The doctor said no, he had no such gear, no ET either, and just had oxygeno. Yikes. With me holding the O2 tubing in his mouth, the vet did a modified chest compression to fill and evacuate Makani’s lungs. For 45 minutes. All I could think about was the poor monsters brain… It took another hour for him to respond to pain, and at that point, they told me to take him home. This poor guy was so trashed…

After a night of hallucinating, bumping into things, peeing on himself and puking, I took him back to the first vet the next morning. She did not like what she was seeing. She took some blood, and then gave Makani some IV and subQ fluids to help flush some of the drugs out. I took him home, and by now he was walking crooked and seemed to have some problems with his vision. He wouldn’t drink or eat, but I was more worried about the drinking. Finally, at about 2000 hours, he was back to being a butthead. It was as if someone flipped a switch. I was so relieved to have my troublemaker back, and it really seemed like Kai was, too. He’s spent the last two days lounging in the sun and shade, enjoying the easy life. Little does he know he’s about to be put on a pretty strict diet and exercise plan. Yup, Makani’s gonna be taking some early morning and late evening strolls in an effort to get rid of about 4 pounds. I know that doesn’t sound like alot, but that’s almost 25% of his body weight. He’s been a bit too bored lately, with nothing else to do but eat. Come to think of it, me too!

Have a great March, Everyone!