Onward and Upward…

Beautiful Water off of Baja

Beautiful Water off of Baja

Oh, I need to let y’all know, Wendy’s Pity Party has left the station. Yikes! Even I was cringing as I read that post this morning. I am duly embarrassed, shamed, wimped out, and so many other words I can’t even come up with right now. I do know I need to do it every now and then, but perhaps not quite so proudly??? Sheesh!

The wonderful thing that post brought out were the comments, here on the blog and to my personal email. I have some truly wonderful, inspirational, honest, funny and worm-free friends. (More on that later.) You all lift me up so stinking high, I don’t know how I ever got in that position to begin with. One friend commented on the similarities between life and a battery: ya can’t stay charged up without both the positive and the negative. I love that one! Another friend said to get the anger out so I can make more room for the good stuff. Some shared their simple philosophies for hanging with this day to day crap that makes life, LIFE, and what they do to find some of their peace of mind. Others offered up simple encouragement to get me on to the next day, today, and on to the next phase of trouble making. Of late, it has been alot of ups and downs, but this is what life is, and I’m determined to smooth out some of the bumps. My favorite season is just around the corner, giving me the opportunity to spend more time on or in the medium I love, and I’m gonna do it. Why whine about it when I can change it?

The story from my worm-free friend had me laughing straight out loud. One of my former workmates routinely gets a headache when he works the graveyard shift. Changing up the ol’ circadian rhythm stuff can be tough on the body, and he’s been doing it for 28 years. So, on the nights off, he sets up some Aleve for the middle of the night headache, right next to a glass of water. This allows him to blindly fumble exactly for what he needs and not really wake up. Well, his young daughter wanted to make sure he didn’t forget to de-worm the cat, so she set out the de-worming medicine right next to his four Aleve. Needless to say, he took four de-worming pills instead of four Aleve and went back to bed. Not for long! Boy, did he get sick! After a twelve pound weight loss and alot of belly distress, he consulted both his doctor and his vet. The consensus: He would be very ill but will recover. But if he starts licking himself in strange places and chasing birds, the damage could be permanent… He has a great relationship with his doc… Thank you for this one, Erik. Dragged me right outta the pit! You rock!

Thanks for everything, including the kind, caring, heartfelt and funny words. I couldn’t have done it without you!

13 thoughts on “Onward and Upward…

  1. Laura Rodriguez

    We are the lucky ones that have you in our lives. You inspire us. Glad to hear you are being a warrior again.
    Talk to you soon

  2. Tim Larson

    Wendy. I just got back from Bahia De Los Angeles with the Dana Hills high school group. Willow needs a wash and polishing. I’m gonna arrange for it to be done. OK? It’s on the Relief.

  3. Shayne Wright

    You have shown so much strength and courage through this battle. I know you have inspired us all! I agree with Laura that we are the lucky ones to have you bring us on this journey with you..
    You got this! Kick this things ass!
    Remember what Micky told Rocky
    “You’re gonna eat lightning and crap thunder!!”

  4. Antoinette

    That’s hilarious, only because he is ok!!! Would love to hang out out on the beach with you one day!!! Let me know when you are feeling up to it! Xoxo

  5. Vickie Lanford

    Oh Wendy, there isn’t much I can do for you except listen to your venting. Everyone needs to vent and you have more reason than most. I love hearing from you whether it is good or bad. You are such a wonderful person and I really miss seeing you. Maybe one day soon you can come back up to Ventura for a visit. We will get all the C dock people together.

  6. Ellen Todd

    Great story – and it would cheer any of us up nut you really appreciate the humor. Had a dog once that ate my watch and my birth control pills……very interesting. Hope to see you doon
    Love you bunches’

  7. winnie cummings

    Love you Wendy and I am so proud of you, keep on handling the good and the bad. You are doing GREAT.

  8. sailentrenous

    Hey Wendy, you gotta admit sleeping at night surrounded by four walls fixed to the ground is much more comforting than waiting for the buzzer to go off from the anchor watch, the wind picking up, an offshore wind turning to onshore or being hit by a chubasco…………….Or Ken from Drifter banging your hull in the middle of the night seeking more tequila.

    Fair dinkum mate

  9. Erik Engebretson

    I’m glad my little pet pill debacle put a smile on your face…. It’s not often you need it because when I close my eyes and think of you… You always have a smile on your face…keep up the fight….!


  10. john cometti SWAGMAN

    yo, toots! kinda dull here in Thailand– compared to your life. I get up- trudge to exercise class- exercise a bit/sweat a LOT and then shower and eat. the inmate population here has dropped drastically in the last 2 weeks– it seems that the ‘hot’ season is causing folks to change their minds about an exercise/weight loss vacation. gonna go to PaTong beach next week to see the ‘ladyboy’ show– http://www.phuket-simoncabaret.com/show_list.php everyone that’s seen it RAVES about it. PaTong beach is the center of the ‘raunchy’ entertainment here in Phuket. there are a few streets that sorta remind me of Vegas– or some version of it. about an 80 foot wide walking street with clubs/doorways lining the street– shills and hustlers outside clawing at your arms to get you inside. our guide that night was our driver- he parked and came with us and I’m glad he did. I fell in love several times along the way- but he respectfully pointed out that each girl that I lusted for really WASN’T a girl. he got a BIG tip that night.

    I’ve been here for 6 weeks tomorrow– only lost 11 pounds, but I do feel better. this would do you a world of good– the hot season is here and the resorts have slashed their prices– some in half. a nice room in a resort down the street is 1500 baht per night– about US $50. the massages are heavenly- and about $13 with tip. I try to get one every other day– the foot and leg massage is SOOO good. I’m not sure how a 90 pound girl can leave thumbprints on my leg bones, but she does….. I stand it as long as I can and then begin to laugh– to cover the tears.
    but you really feel great afterward.

    the local beaches are close and many- the water is a perfect temp, too. we take a taxi to/from the beach (Ni Harn Beach) and it’s about 150 baht each for the 2 way trip (4 people in the back of a tuktuk).

    last weekend was the locals’ biggest yearly holiday– Thai new year. everyone has a waterfight! friendly, though. the Buddhist monks go round collecting money and painting circles on peoples cheeks. no flaming idea why.

    If you can get a pass from the sawbones, come and visit! The beach where I usually swim has a dozen or more sailboats anchored a few hundred yards offshore….. makes me homesick, too.

    thinking about going through the ditch in the winter – I want to go to La Providencia.http://www.noonsite.com/Countries/Colombia/isla-de-providencia
    got lotsa room on SWAGMAN for you.

    xox JAC

  11. Joy

    Dearest Wendy
    I wonder if you know what a beautiful inspiring eloquent way of writing you have.I could not imagine the horror of being so close to death and the pain you have experienced. You are entitled to any pity party you like just as long as it’s a short party.You are so loved by family and friends and an inspiration to all. Glad you are enjoying doing the things you love. Keep inspiring us all. You are a hero of mine always were.
    Love you Joy


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