For me, this adventure has been a long time coming.  I’ve worked on, owned, operated, maintained and lived aboard boats for the last 25 years.  I’ve been lucky to have found Willow, my PSC Orion 27.  She’s a well-found and sturdy little ship!   Come with me as I fulfill my life’s dream of travelling to wherever the breeze takes me.  It won’t be ‘umbrella drinks’ on the aft deck all the time, but if it was, it wouldn’t be an adventure!

3 thoughts on “About

  1. paul bates

    Hi wendy. I didnt realise you have a monitor wind vane auto pilot in addition to your electric auto pilot. I had a monitor windvane on my 30 foot alberg 30, before it sank at toyon bay years ago in that 3 day santa ana storm. I still have most of the vane in storage, so if you ever need major parts for yours i may be able to help. I know i have the main base/pivot assy and the aluminum rudder part. it worked really well and SILENT as you know. smooth sailing!

    Paul Bates

  2. wsea61 Post author

    Hey, Paul! Thanks for coming and reading. It’s really fun to see who’s following… I didn’t know you had an Alberg 30! And I remember that storm. I was on an endtie in Long Beach harbor after a weekend regatta, and the wind kept me pinned to the dock for days! I’m sorry your boat sunk. I may have dived on that wreck! Thanks for the offer of parts! You should contact Monitor up in Sausalito and just tell them you have parts for an old Monitor. They may be able to refer people to you… Have a beautiful Christmas on the island, and share a hello to Bruce and Susie! Best, Wsea

  3. Tracie O'Connor

    Hi Wendy, this is your cousin Tracie O’Connor (from NY – now living in FL) – what an amazing blog! Please know that I am sending love and suport.


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