My Hapless Crew…


Makani and Kai, both Abyssinians, are the most hilarious, loving, and cooperative crew I could ask for.  Makani AKA Big Bad Boy is 6, fat, and most of the locals who see him and interact with him think he’s a dog.  I won’t be surprised when he barks…  Little Kai is my 10 year old scaredy cat, who’ll jump at her own shadow but LOVES dogs.  Makani wants to eat dogs, until of course he gets close to them, and then he wants to climb me.  But Kai loves dogs, trots right up to them and wants to touch noses.  Both of these monsters are doing a fine job on this boat.  Kai is making sure she holds the cushions in place, and Makani is singlehandedly attempting to remove all moths from the planet.  (In Ventura, he was trying to remove all crabs, but they just hid in my shoes…)

3 thoughts on “My Hapless Crew…

  1. Mariko Florez

    Wendy Cummings and her crew on Pacific Ocean. Most of year Wendy and her crew are on yacht sailing though she used to be a investigator of harbor but she maybe retired by now. Her crew are Makani and Kai that you see in photo below. The big one is used to be one of my babies (Wendy thinks he is Abyssinian but he is a Chausie boy which I made mistake giving her Chausie instead of Abyssinian kitten because they were growing at same time and looked same when they are babies). I’m sure she’ll forgive me for that (it’s too late now anyway). I’m sorry Wendy. Please accept my apology. Mariko (Asia Exotics)

  2. govesdream3

    Hey Wendy, Thanks for this amazing journey. I am looking forward to reading your posts. Thanks for keeping my e-mail address to stay connected. Ok sitting down with a cup of coffee and looking forward to reading all about your story. Blessings

  3. Jerry Brakeman

    Wendy, You are tough ands strong. You will beat this. Just hang in there. I will always keep you in my thought and prays.


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