People I’ve Been Honored to Meet

Aside from being on the water, in the water, supported by the water, and enriched by the water, the people I’ve been meeting on this lil’ adventure are such a highlight.  I’m going to try to catch up with all of them now, but know I’ll always be forgetting a few, but that’s not because they’re forgettable.  It’s just my singular brain cell trying to work overtime.  So forgive me, but I’m gonna give this a shot…

Mike Hardy, 34′ sportfisher Seaducer                     John and Cyndee McDaniel, Ericson 35 Alcyone

Bill and Vickie Landford, 34′ Cal                               Crit Dowler, Passport 40 Jasdip

Ian Macrae, Passport 40 Freyja                                Tom Brown & Jeanne Walker, Freeport 36 Eagle

Dave and Rhonda Mancini, Crealock 34 Swan      Art Stiers & Jaye Eldridge, Mason 44 Arione

Mike & Kelly Keller, Acapulco 40 Maluhia               Mike & Marie, Ericson 35 Dejala

Tuule and George, Westsail 42 Albion                    David & Donna Simpson, Cooper 37 Salonah

Terry Kennedy & Dawn Marie, 45′ Cat Manta        Glenn Twitchell, 38′ Lagoon Beach Access

Brian Plautz & Elizabeth Kline, Cat 34 Autumn Wind     Don & Kathy Feher, Wild Rose

Elaine Lutz & Jamie Rosman, Taswell 49 Tardis      Rich & Lyn Lewis, Valiant 40 Fellowship

Colleen & Kevin Ryan, Outbound Yacht Services   Bob & Melissa, Total Yacht Works, Mazatlan

Bernard & Becky, Offshore 48 Worth Waiting 4     Rob & Nancy Novak, Oyster 48 Shindig

Craig & Anna, Island Packet 45 True Blue 5            Ken Howe, Baba 30 Drifter

Craig & Melissa, Uniflite 42 Seas the Day                Bill & Julie, Catalina 470 Voyager

Gravel & Natalie, CSY 44 True Companion             Bill & Ann, Challenger 32 Lunasea II

Aimee Spector, Lanakila OCC, Oceans of Hope     Mike and Katie, Passport 40 Pangaea

Steve and Susan Wedi, Defever 38 Pacific            Jim and Betty Adams, Catalina 42 Flibbertigibbet

Rob and Kai, Ingrid 38 Ketch Vellela Vellela          Brian and Dawn, Ericson 38 Ayla May

Eric and Birgitta Boye, Custom Steel Cutter Ariel IV     Pam & Ted Simper, Roundabout II

Bernard Slabeck, Freedom 36 Simple Pleasures     Sallie and Paul, Ted Hood Custom Princess

Eulalie and Eric, Passport 40 Elizabeth Jean         Conor & Lanea, Islander 36 Moondance

Terri and Jon Petrescu, Island Packet 37 Privilege       John Spicher, Custom 33′ Cutter Time Piece

Kevan Draper, Tayana 37 Entrenous

Okay, as this blog has morphed a bit from a sailing and voyaging one to a new, different type of voyage, I am again honored and touched by those I come into contact with on a daily basis. I will miss putting many names down, but don’t think you are any less valued, please. Know I love you all…

Linda Ullum, Captain I/Paramedic, LAFD, Amazing Friend
Erich Mounce, CEO, West Clinic, Amazing Friend
Julie Wolfe, Engineer, LAFD, Paddler, Amazing Friend
Tim Larsen, LAFD Retired, LAFRA
Jim Dolan, LAFD Retired, LAFRA
Gold Lee, Attorney at Law
Sally Wellington, Amazing Friend
Ona Shiroyama, Optometrist, Paddler, Amazing Friend
Leah Fleishmann, FFLPM, LAFD, Amazing Friend
Juan Albarran, President, LAFRA
Jeane Barrett, Captain, LACoFD, Paddler, Amazing Friend
Rebecca Stephens, Mom, Wife, LAFD Retired, Amazing Friend
Lynne Callahan, Amazing Friend Emeritus
Mark Heffner, FFPM, LAFD
Ray Mayo, LAFD Retired
Terry Tuzzolino, LAFD Retired
Roger and Glenda Gillis, LAFD Retired, Both of ’em!
Gary Inman, LAFD Retired
Drea and Graham Everett, LAFD Retired and Active, Amazing Friends
Don Carter, LAFD Retired
Karen Reckamp, MD, City of Hope
Alexandra Levine, MD, City of Hope
Emilia Riorizo, RN, City of Hope
Carrie Christianson, RN, NP, City of Hope
William Suh, MD, UCLA
Kathy deWet Olson, Paddler, Amazing Friend


Near Jalama, CA
Near Jalama, CA

3 thoughts on “People I’ve Been Honored to Meet

  1. Elaine Lutz

    Wendy, you are so kind! Jamie and I are honored to call you friend, and are so happy you are part of our sailing circle. Stay sweet, and we must always stay in touch!

  2. Rhonda

    Wow, what a shock to arrive back from Bahia L.A. and get this news. Your one of the strongest women I know and I know for sure you don’t take anything sitting down. David just keep saying over and over “why does bad things happen to such good people?” None of us have the answer, but as you know, “shit happens” but if love, prayers, and good karma help, then you have it girl. From all of your friends on dock 3, it’s a safety meeting and sure wish you and the cats were around. I know you will be on your supb soon. Happy Thanksgiving and sweet thought daily for you.

  3. RAY



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