Well, the adventure begins! I’ll catch up with a few of my posts from leaving San Diego on up to today, as I’m berthed in Mazatlan. I left my friends and slip in Ventura, CA in October, 2012, and headed south to see what I could see, meet those I could meet, and sail to places I could sail. This has been a quarter century dream of mine, and I’m so lucky to be able to set out and make it real.

2 thoughts on “Aventura

  1. greg

    Wow Wendy, what you’re doing is terrific. Are you going someplace specific or is it an around the world cruise? Good luck and fair winds, be safe. I signed up to follow your blog so I’m looking forward to reading about your adventure. Take care,

  2. wsea61 Post author

    Hey, Greg! Great to hear from you. I’ve gotta tell you, your photos of Costa Rica were part of my inspiration, so there. I have no agenda, destination or time frame for this trip, and that’s a real luxury. My current plan, and we know what happens to plans, is to spend the summer up in the Sea of Cortez, and maybe, maybe go across to SoPac in Spring 2014. I’ll just have to see how the boat goes, how I go, and how everything else is. Have a very Merry Christmas, and keep on enjoying retirement. Aren’t we lucky? Best, Wsea


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