Friends A-Coming!  December 5, 2012

I’m back in Cabo San Lucas, waiting for some super women from my paddling club to come on down and visit. Unfortunately, one of the super women, Nadean, was injured and is getting back on her feet (foot) after surgery. Heal up quick!!!! Ona and Sally will be here Friday afternoon for a quick 3 day visit. Fun will be had by all, guaranteed!!!!
The first few days here, I anchored out, and was amazed. What a difference a month makes! There were no more than seven boats at any one time at anchor, and it was lovely! It’s always a good sign when you can look down into the water from ondeck and just see your anchor, well-set, and the snake of chain on up to your bow roller. Sure, the panga and PWC traffic is still around and annoying, but they quickly pass by. The evenings are very pleasant after the party boats go back to port around 1900. Just stay away from the harbor in November, and you should be in great shape!
The trip from Los Puertos Marina was exceptional. The sky was bright blue, and the ocean was turquiose. The breeze was very light, and we ghosted back up the coast the 17 nm to Cabo. All sail was out and lightly but steadily pulling. We moved along at 2-3 knots, but I didn’t care. The ocean was so kind, showing me her bounty along the way. I watched as frigate birds tried to steal fish from pelicans, dive bombing them as soon as the pelican made a catch. I watched an early arrival of a pod of humpback whales, maybe 8 of them, breach, blow and sound to the depths on their way to the Sea of Cortez. A few sea turtles dotted the surface, adding a little bump to the smooth of the water. About half way through, I saw a school of jumping something in the distance. They weren’t dolphin, but they jumped straight out of the water, a good 5′ or so, and then made a big splash on their re-entry. There didn’t seem to be any forward motion, just the up-down. What the heck? I finally got close enough to see the fish flap their wings, and finally figured it was a large school of bat rays. They choreographed their flying beautifully! I even got lucky enough to get a couple of hookups while trolling at such a slow speed, but didn’t bring anything in. As I rounded Ballena Point, I could see the anchorage, and it really looked empty. I finished up the last couple of miles under power as the wind had finally quit, dropped the hook, and revelled in the relative peace compared to three weeks ago. In addition to the Baja Haha finishing, there was also a large fishing tournament taking place here, and it was pandelerium…
I moved into the marina early this morning before all of the fishing traffic. My slip is right behind the fuel dock, and it’s not as bad as it sounds. The 174′ blue-hulled Perini Nava ketch, Tamsen, was fueling up at the dock, and that is an amazing boat. Look her up online. She’s gorgeous. She would come in to Santa Barbara once or twice a year, and the docks always filled with people gazing at her beautiful lines. At 0600, all the charter fishing boats gather around the fuel dock, picking up passengers loaded with ice and cerveza. It’s a constant in-out of vessels until around 0730 or so, when things settle down and the boats are out fishing. With that activity, sleep won’t be happening, so I get up, make some coffee, and get on the computer. I get up and moving before the heat really sets in. I put my obligatory Christmas lights up: 2 thin strands of LED lights wrapped around the grabrail of my dodger. That does it! It’s kinda fun to see all of the Santas and other decorations the locals have put up. Initially, I thought it was all part of trying to attract gringo customers into the restaurants and shops, but then I remembered Mexico is a very Catholic country, and when I think of it, I’ve seen Nativity scenes up and around, also.
The weather is still a bit warm, but I have noted about a 5 degree drop in overall temperature, and boy, does it make a difference. The cabin is much more bearable, and sleeping at night much more comfortable. I have a fan in the area of my bunk and lowered it about 6″ so it blows directly on me instead of over me. That’s helped ALOT. The fans are on constantly, but they don’t draw much power. It’s definitly worth the comfort factor…
My rough plan from here was to head for Las Frailes, about 50 nm northeast from here, Monday morning, and anchor for a day or so. The forecast shows a nice lil’ norther blowing through the area then, so I may anchor in Cabo instead for another couple of days, and then head out. After Las Frailes, I’ll head the 164 nm or so over to Mazatlan for the remainder of December. My friends John and Cyndee from the Alcyone are there, and it’ll be fun to hook up with them. After Mazatlan, I have absolutely no idea where I’ll be, and that’s kinda the fun of it!
I hope you all are healthy, happy and strong, and if not, on your way to getting there! Enjoy the Christmas season, and know I miss you very much! Take care and have fun!

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