Success! November 6, 2012

I know what you’re thinking.  Oh, it’s Wendy again, gloating about a glorious trip of a lifetime, sitting on the aft deck with an umbrella drink.  And it’s only ten in the morning!  Well, here’s the latest..

  I don’t think it’s wise for me to fish after dark.  There are too many things going on, and too many ways I could go swimming.  No swimming allowed!  I’ve always been fond of a silly old cedar plug to use as a lure, and have been made fun of many times while using it.  But, it always produced!  I have a short handline rig I put the cedar plug on and just forgot about.  This morning, after an idyllic sailing day yesterday, was blowing northeast a solid 20 with gusts to 25.  So, sail changes were the order for the day (without the umbrella drinks, by the way.).  First, I double reefed the mainsail.  Still too much.  So I dropped the main, and went under staysail only, and the boat really liked that.  The cats really liked that, too.  So I’m in the cabin, doing some charting, and the wind just shuts off.  Bang.  Okay.  All sail back up.  The seas were a little less confused now the NE wind chop was dying down, so I decided to get the rod out and let a new jig out.  As I was getting ready to tie that jig on, something caught my eye.  There was a beautiful yellow and green dorado on my handline!  This time I got pictures!  I brought her in and she was a bit dazed.  Makani came out to investigate right as the fish got a little active in the cockpit.  He turned tail and ran.  Now this was a fish I could handle.  After knocking it over the head with the winch handle, the fish died, showing all her glorious colors.  A little over 3′ long, this was some fresh food I was very thankful for.  I just wanna know who came up with the term, “cleaning fish?”  Clean has nothing to do with it.  My entire cockpit was covered with blood and scales, not to mention me, but I got two large sections cooling in the icebox.  Tonight will see me having some dorado with a little panko, lemon and sliced almonds.  Yippee!

     As I’m scooting down the coast, I can occasionally hear some vhf broadcasts from home, and just heard of the gale warning for the end of this week for you all. That’s why I’m planning to head straight for Cabo and bypass Bahia Santa Maria.  I’ll throw Willow in a slip for a day or two, rinse scales and salt off the boat, and be ready to go!  Right now, Cabo’s 260 nm away.  I should easily make that by Thursday late.  This system is supposed to be here Saturday/Sunday/Monday. 

Image I hope everyone is doing well, and getting a chuckle outta my little tales (tails).

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