The Town Square, December 21, 2012

John, Cyn and I rode the bus into the town square of Mazatlan yesterday evening. We heard it was going to be closed off to cars and buses, and open to foot traffic only. We were up for that! We took the green bus in, and walked around before dinner. We all had excellent meals at the Cocina de Familia tucked away on a side street. It was quiet, REALLY good food and lots of it, very nice service with some unusual art to gaze at while we dined.
After we ate, we walked around to a few different plazas, looking for music and fun. There wasn’t too much going on, though we happened upon an evening wedding that was kinda neat to spy on. One of the little flower girls was dressed in a red gown stiff with petticoats, and she was adorable! I wish I’d taken a picture of her. At the plaza, we shopped among craftsmen and women plying their wares, much of it handmade. Cyn got a beautiful jade necklace and earrings that really compliments her, all for 100 pesos, or about 8 bucks! The woman selling the jewelry was so kind. Everyone I have interacted with here in Mexico has been the most helpful, friendly and courteous. This has been the rule instead of the exception. What a pleasure.
We did some more walking and John stopped for a latte; we played with our Spanglish, much to the entertainment of the shop owner. Exploring the city has been VERY interesting and enlightening. When we made our way to the Mercado, it was packed with people finishing up their Christmas shopping, looking for bargains and deals. We saw Santa giving away toys Nacho Libre style, and the kids loved it. We saw a beautiful girl singing, though unfortunately we agreed her voice didn’t match her beauty.
The photo at the top of this post is of the Cathedral de Concepcion. Its very traditional architecture lends the air of long-standing faith. Last week I stepped inside and the altar was classic in its rich design, dedicated to statues, candles, chalices and lovely floral arrangements. It would be neat to attend a service there, if I get the chance.
Today’s agenda is to work on the boat, maybe get some fuel, and be ready to go when we decide the time is right. John, Cyn and I are gonna meet this afternoon, talk about weather and navigation plans, and see what we come up with. We hope to head south toward Puerto Vallarta, with some stops at La Cruz, Matanchen Bay, Sayulita, and/or Punta de Mita. Stay tuned for more stories…

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