Punta Mita 9 January 2013


     Hi Everyone!  I hope this finds you all happy, healthy, and either enjoying or escaping whatever weather you find yourself in!

     I don’t wanna gloat, but I will.  I’m anchored at lovely Punta Mita, and after yesterday’s clouds and patchy rain, the overnight clearing winds gave me an astounding day!  The sky is a clear blue, the breeze is a solid 10 knots, gusting to 15, and in this sheltered bay, there’s the prevailing very small swell coming in from the south, and the very small, little fetch of a windwave coming from the north.  The air temperature is 79 degrees.  Punta Mita has grown as a resort community, but it’s not the boom-boom resort type of Cabo.  It’s quiet, beautiful and fun. It looks like there are about a dozen full-time boats anchored out here, with more visiting on weekends.  I’ve been in town only once since I got here, which is fine by me, as that saves me some money.  But I’ve been having a ball visiting the boats out on the hook as I make my way through the anchorage while paddling the SUP.  It’s usually a different boat each day, as they ‘get in my way.’

     I have been having an absolute blast with the cheap-o inflatable West Marine SUP and paddle.  Accustomed to a carbon fiber outrigger paddle, the adjustable aluminum and plastic gizmo that came with the board weighs a ton!  But that just makes me stronger, right?  I’ve learned that paddling in the protected waters of a marina is 100% different than paddling in an anchorage subject to swell, windwaves, panga wakes, and gusty winds.  It’s way fun!  I’ve still only been on the thing about 8 times, but I made a deal with myself to go out at least once a day from here on out.  Today is much better than two days ago when I went swimming at least three times!  Good thing the water’s warm! Yesterday I made it through the anchorage without swimming, but today it’s a bit blowier (true nautical term), and I went swimming once.  I’m enjoying learning how weight distribution affects going straight, turning, and counteracting cross winds. I figure if I keep at it daily, the learning curve will get better and better.  I’ve noticed over the past 5 years my balance to be a bit off.  This is a great way to build that back up and gain a huge amount of confidence.  Plus, I make for cheap entertainment for the rest of the anchorage…

     I had delusions of sanding my brightwork for a bit of varnish today, but decided to write instead.  I’m sitting in the cockpit, enjoying an adult beverage, watching the cats snore, the whales blow, and the sailboats sail around the point into the bay.  Sharing this with you brings me way more enjoyment than sanding varnish.  Maybe manana… (tomorrow).  Please know I think of everyone at home often, and send you all my best.  I wish you all could be down here to see and share in what I’m seeing, who I’m meeting, and what I’m experiencing.  At the risk of sounding corny, there is a God, and there is Peace. All of it to you…     

9 thoughts on “Punta Mita 9 January 2013

  1. Lynnieg

    In the airport in Huston, so far we have had a few giggles, stories for when we meet! Looking forward to the warm weather, as California is getting freezing conditions. It’s 6a in Huston, 2hours sleep……we will suck it up….
    I can’t wait to learn to SUP while n Costa Rica …….Pura Vida

    1. wsea61 Post author

      Have a wonderful time. Ladies! The SUPing is fun! Travel safe, giggle lots, and enjoy! Much love, Wsea

      On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 4:01 AM, wendyonwillow

  2. Rosie Garcia

    I’m really enjoying your story-telling Wendy! Your mom comes to visit us at the Harbor about every other week and we can share some of your news. So nice to hear of warm weather and warm water since it’s been so chilly here. Be safe! – Rosie


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