Waiting in La Paz…

Cleanest Boat Around...

Cleanest Boat Around…

As I think I’ve said before, La Paz is a beautiful town with incredible people and breathtaking vistas.  But, it’s time for me to go.  I came back here to put new batteries in Willow six weeks ago.  That was accomplished the first week, and I added a couple of items to enhance the power control issue.  I ordered a battery monitor, more comprehensive than a mere voltmeter; a desulfator, a cleaning kit for the watermaker, and some pump spares for it, too.  Then, my phone went dead.  Okay, it didn’t just go dead, I killed it by testing it’s water repellency…  I didn’t do it on purpose, but discovered it with a bead of water running down the back and no power.  It did dry out and I was able to power it up, but the phone aspect won’t work.  I lost my photos but was able to recover my music.  So, I had a replacement phone added to the mix.

As I wait for this gear to arrive ‘tomorrow,’ I’ve been working in and on Willow.  I’ve pulled anything made of fabric off the boat and laundered it.  I took dental tools to the head (bathroom), cleaning all the nooks and crannies.  I pulled the oil diaper from the engine sump and de-greased and cleaned that area.  The engine looks brand new.  I cleaned, de-greased, and then oiled it as needed to retard corrosion.  Oil and filter change has been done, all the standing rigging inspected and cleaned, all sheets and halyards inspected and cleaned, all sails inspected and cleaned, spares locker cleaned out and organized, lazarette locker cleaned out and purged.  I stay onboard in case today is that ‘tomorrow,’ and my gear arrives.  That way, I can stow the gear, pay up, and take off.

Today, I had to get off the boat.  I took the laptop and walked into town.  I decided to get a cheeseburger and a soda at a SUP rental/bar and use their wireless access.  The music is loud, view incredible, service good, and burger okay.  It’s warm out but not hot.  We usually don’t really heat up until the late afternoon, and we’re lucky to have some high wispy clouds taking the edge off the sun.   The remnants of tropical depression Alvin passed through yesterday giving us a tropical edge to the end of the day.  We really shouldn’t see much action in the way of bad storms until August or so.  The bay is very flat with various hues of blue and green.  The deeper channel is clearly visible as the tide races out.  Everything else is very settled.  Alot of the boats have been put to bed for the summer, it’s owners travelling back to wherever they came from via bus, plane or car.  Some of the boats were hauled out of the water, packaged up tight to protect from the drying heat, hungry animals and creepy crawlies.    The rest were stored in their slip, still sealed tight against the same elements.  It looks like rodents are everythere, and I’m very fortunate to have my own personal rodent preventive devices…

I think I’ll people-watch for a bit longer and then head back to the boat.  I wish everyone all my best.  I’ll finish off the day by washing Willow, again…  Take care!


3 thoughts on “Waiting in La Paz…

  1. Grace Vernola

    Your boat looks BEAUTIFUL ….and very inviting. Boy !…. I miss those days.




    It sounds like typical life at a marina. We are glad to hear all is doing well. Sorry about the phone but you seem to be taking it all in stride.

    Life is good,
    Travis & Chantil

  3. karin cawley

    Hi Wendy,
    It’s Karin from Flyin Sideways, the boat you were so gracious to come and help with going up the mast. We have been boppin around and exploring the beautiful sea. We’re taking a break in Santa Rosalia for a week or two and then North for a little bit more. We really hope to run into you again. We’ll keep an eye on your blog when we get internet.

    Karin, Joe, Jack and Gypsy


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