And the Chores Begin (Did They Ever End?)…

Last week or so, I made the decision to head for Hawaii in the spring.  At the moment, I’ve compiled a list of things to finish before I leave.  The list, subject to constant revision, looks something like this: Haul out, new bottom paint.                Repair two large blisters.  Consider extending the rudder stock in order to tolerate the extra weight/torque of the current extension (may require dropping the rudder).  Clean, tune rig.  Try to fit a used spinnaker.  Replace electric bilge pump.  Rebuild the manual bilge pump.  Add saltwater pump to the galley. Repair termite damaged turtle.  Add switch to desulphator.                  Replace watermaker panel gauge.  Improve refer efficiency. Check portable generator.  Refinish tiller.  Refinish caprail.  Get HAM license.                                    Check Wx/Routing/Timing.

That’s about all I can think of for the moment.  I must admit, I ordered new refrigeration for the boat.  The current system, an Adler Barbour Cold Machine, worked flawlessly in So. Cal.  The ambient air temperature rarely got above eighty degrees.  It’s at least that when I wake up in the morning here.  The workload this older system and the heat puts on my batteries is phenomenal, with a constant cycling at 10-12 amps at the start of each cycle.  I did some homework here, and have decided on the Cool Blue Technautics system.  It uses a holding plate instead of an evaporator, and gives me a greater surface area to remove the heat in the icebox.  Tom Brown of La Paz Cruisers Supply is giving me a hand with a lot of advice on the unit and installation.  It should arrive in 2 weeks or so, so I’ll let you know how things go.

I’ve begun work on the teak companionway turtle that was ravaged by termites.  That warrants a pirately arrrrrrggh!  They were particularly hungry.  I gave the wood to someone who was taking it out to be precisely cut, as this section of board has a curve to it.  I got it back pretty quick, but the millworker didn’t take into account the bend, so it was too short.  Back to the drawing board on that one.  My caprail has 4 new coats of varnish on it, and the tiller 6, and I’m hoping the weather’s cool enough in the morning to get the final coats on both of those items.  If I’m successful there, I’ll be able to rebuild the manual bilge pump in the afternoon.  I just got my Yankee back from Snug Harbor Sails, and Doug and Meri did a great job of re-stitching the sacrificial Sunbrella cover back in place.  The only thing I’d recommend is not dropping the odd-shaped shackle overboard when reattaching the sail to the furler (Insert appropriate cuss words HERE).  For the moment, the tack is lashed to the furler until I can replace that dangfurnabit shackle…

My plan is to continue whittling away at the project list through December.  Then I may head back over to the mainland to Punta Mita/La Cruz for a bit.  I haven’t decided if I’ll haul in La Cruz or Mazatlan.  The big ticket items are the haul out, refer, and spinnaker.  I’m working on my creativity and bank account for those.  Everything else is just part of the ongoing maintenance to keep Willow safe and her crew happy. I hope you all are enjoying the beginning of Autumn!  Take care, and know I love and miss you all.

2 thoughts on “And the Chores Begin (Did They Ever End?)…

  1. wsea61 Post author

    Hi Tony! Exactly, at this moment, I’m sitting in the cockpit of Willow, in Marina Palmira in La Paz, enjoying the NE breeze, and writing to some of my favorite people. Give Hans and Mark my best, and have a great, quiet and SAFE night. Adios! (I’ll keep you informed of my progress…)


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