So Much…

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

Today’s been a joyful day, a full day, a weather day, and a laundry day.  Really, a great day!

I got up this morning to cool and clouds.  Well, relatively cool for Mexico, the low 60’s.  I listened to the morning radio net, but I’d already decided to do what I love to do: prepare Thanksgiving dinner!  I had almost all of the fixin’s, including a full pavo (turkey).  Allowing that to come to room temperature, I began boiling potatoes, sweet potatoes, and carrots.  I smushed them all together in my version of mashed potatoes and put them aside.  I made a rue and added a whole ton of beautifully fresh spinach and let that cook.  I rinsed the turkey, seasoned it inside and out, finishing with my secret ingredient: herbs de Provence.  In the oven the pavo went.  All I had left to make was the stuffing, and it could wait.  There was a concert going on nearby.

Walking down to Pangaea, I could already hear the sweet sounds of guitar as Mike and John from Time Piece plucked some strings.  It was fun to visit, extend Thanksgiving wishes, and laugh with Katie and their visiting friend, Al.  Soon Scott from Scot Free arrived with his guitar, and really showed us all how to play.  The whole get together was really a lesson for Mike from Scott, but we all were lucky to reap the rewards.  At times, Katie joined in the fray and sang for us.  There was alot of music coming from this boat, and I see a music related ‘Safety Meeting’ on dock 3 in the near future.  (Why Safety Meeting?  The marina rules forbid dock parties, so we all just have alot of Safety Meetings.  Needless to say, Marina Palmira is one of the safest marinas in the country!)

There was a large get together of gringos this afternoon here at the marina.  They all gathered to have a turkey dinner, but it just seemed too big for me.  Nothing wrong with the beautiful gathering, but I’m finding in my old age (hah!) I’m shying away from the big group things.  I found as I was cooking my celebratory meal, I was thinking of all the good times the aromas and recipes were bringing back to me.  I thought while making the stuffing of driving my dad batty while I tried to ‘sample’ the fixin’s and tell him how it was coming along.  Year after year, I had to ‘supervise’ the stuffing preparation.  I remembered Mom and Grandmother preparing the spinach, with the gravy right after, both leaning over the stove to make sure the recipes were perfect!  I remember arguing with my brothers and sister over who got a drumstick.  I remember the time the turkey went flying to the floor, but the 5 second rule was in effect, and ‘no one knew’…  I remember always having Grandmother over, along with the Dobbins and their extended family.  As I grew older, I was fortunate to be able to share Thanksgiving with my second family, the LAFD.  True family days, everyone’s family gathered at the fire station to help prepare a meal worthy of Kings.  Unfortunately, often time as not, we didn’t really get to sit down with everyone, as Thanksgiving was one of the busiest days of the year, as I remember.  The holiday was celebrated as a true family gathering, and I smiled as I thought back to those days.  Good food was had by all, good drink, and great visits.  Today, I’m so very thankful I’m around to remember those days.  I’m so thankful to have had those occasions, and I’m so very thankful to all who work and give for us all to be able to enjoy our freedom, and our families.  I’m humbled by you all…

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

2 thoughts on “So Much…

  1. Grace Vernola

    Isn’t it wonderful that memories are the one thing nobody can ever take away from you. IT’S the gift that keeps on giving…..                                                                            


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