Sunday, January 19, 2014
After a long, bumpy weather beat from La Cruz to Ensenada de los Muertos, I stayed at ‘Muertos’ for 3-4 days. Originally when I arrived, there was one other boat in the bay. As time passed, there were new arrivals daily. When Willow arrived Sunday afternoon, I sent off a sailmail to family that all was good, and relished in a wonderful meal and an adult beverage. After, it was time for some sleep. Monday was also a day for rest, after I noted my senses glazing over at the slightest stimulation. Just took it easy. The monsters curled up, snoozed, and ate. Come to think of it, nothing different there…

Hangin' out, doing what we do best...

Hangin’ out, doing what we do best…

Tuesday, I was up and eager to get through my to do list. I fueled up the tank from my deck-stored jerry jugs. I transferred the fresh water from the deck-stored jerry jugs to the water tank. I noted my propane tanks to be empty (big bummer), and one of the gauges for the regulator stuck on “Full.” Made some water with the excellent power my wind generator and solar panels were putting out, cleaned the salt from my dodger windows and the solar panels, and cleaned up the cabin. Willow did so well on this little passage, the least I could do was give her some tender lovin’ care. I changed out all the watermaker filters, did some sailmail correspondence, and was getting ready for some routine engine maintenance when I was rescued by my new neighbors, Erik and Eulalie from the Passport 40, Elizabeth Jean. They were heading in to shore to see about the neat looking palapa restaurant on the beach. With that invite, I cleaned myself up a little, put my remaining pesos in a little peso bolsa (bag/purse), and took a ride in with them in their dink. Out of the Seattle area, they were fun to meet and learn a little about.

As we approached shore, we all were wondering how deep the crystal clear water was, and when to kill the outboard and lift it up to protect the prop and shaft. I volunteered to walk the dink into the beach from where we were at. I mean, it’s the least I could do, right? So I put my feet over the side and jumped down, looking for the bottom with my feet. I failed to find the bottom until I was in chest-deep water, laughing to myself. As Erik said, we needed a sticker that said “Depths are deeper than they appear…” This is why they call it a water sport! So, as we all were giggling, I dragged the dink on up to toward the beach. Eulalie asked me if I had anything in my sweatshirt pocket, maybe something orange? Crap! My lil’ peso bolsa! I turned around to retrieve it, but it had already drifted/sunk. We scouted the area a bit, but couldn’t find it. Erik and Eulalie offered to buy me lunch, and I’d reciprocate the following day. So, we met up with Jon and Terri from the Island Packet 37 Privilege, and had a great lunch.

The next day, Wednesday, I went at my engine maintenance with gusto. It was time for a little cleaning, a little oil and filter change, a little fuel filter change (both of them), top off the coolant, and just observe the engine running. I can’t say I anticipate this work with glee, but once I’m doing it, I really enjoy it, as it lets me learn more about my engine each and every time I lift the ‘hood.’ After my work was done and I’d stowed everything back in the garage, Elizabeth Jean called and asked about lunch. Oh, good! I get to repay the niceness that was shown me yesterday, and I’ll extend that to Jon and Terri, too! So, I grabbed my credit card and ID, put it in a FLOATING dry bag this time, and waited for Jon to come on out and give me a lift ashore. At the restaurant, very sneakily (new word) I gave the waiter mi tarjeta and told him the pesos from mi amigos were no bueno. No problema! Again, we had a wonderful meal and I really enjoyed talking with everyone. I asked our waiter, Ramon, for la cuenta (the check), and a few minutes later he arrived at the table looking a bit sheepish. He said the system was down and they couldn’t accept credit cards right now. Holy cats, I’m embarrassed! Once again, my evil plot to get someone to buy me lunch worked!!! Two days in a row!!  All four of them were scrambling for every peso and centavo to cover the bill, while I asked Ramon if it was okay if I did the dishes.

While we were all at the table visiting, Erik and Eulalie were taking notes of some must-do’s in La Paz. You know, Koi Sushi, first and foremost, where some chandleries are, important things like that. I think added to their notes was “Watch out for singlehanders who like to help, but then drop their money in the water, and then offer to pay but the credit cards won’t work…” We all got a big laugh out of it, and I think tomorrow night I’ll be treating them all at Koi Sushi…

Later note: We did in fact wander over to Koi, and the chefs distinguished themselves once again! A great meal and a lot of fun was had by all. And, I got to show them I’m not a total deadbeat…

2 thoughts on “Sunrise at Ensenada de Los Muertos

  1. Nancy

    Hi Wendy! Sure Enjoyed read in’ about your safe arrival, rest and free meals with new friends in Muertos. ha! Glad you can show them around la Paz incl Koi Sushi. Keep us updated on any further departure plans….. Nancy and Roberto


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