Merry Christmas, World!

Good morning, Everyone, and Merry Dang Christmas to you!

Please know I mean no disrespect when I wish you a Merry Christmas. I wish you all the happiness, joy, peace, and goodness to each other it’s always meant. At least in my lifetime. The simplicity of my wish to you is that you have a beautiful day filled with family, friends and fun. Throw in some love, joy and peace, and where can you go wrong?
Throw a little goodness toward someone down on their luck, and it’ll come back to you in ways unrealized for years. I guess my wish for you is to share those beautiful and joyful things in the ways I know you can. Be good people; we need you! And never forget, who loves ya???

Best Fishes, Much Love, and Merry Christmas!!!

PS Many thanks to Santa Erich for getting me into City of Hope. I didn’t think I’d been that good a girl… Thank you, E!!!

11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas, World!

  1. john

    thanks toots. I’ll be going to Palmira 3dock for breakfast on AVENTURA in the morning– a visit to my boat – SWAGMAN – over in Atalanta & on the hard- then fart around town for a bit. a stroll down the malecon and then some chinese food to end it off. Wish you were here to enjoy it. Tom and Jeanie are off ‘truck camping’ for a few (very well deserved) days and TIMEPEACE John is up in Everisto with 7 friends (that’s 8 on board) for a few days. Kill me now. More of ‘my’ old gang coming in on the 29th. Everyone down here is sending good thoughts in your direction– even curmudgeonly old me. here’s hoping that you’re well and HERE next xmas.

  2. Dennis Waters

    Merry Christmas to you Wendy. Speaking of special people who have touched your life and who you appreciate, well that pretty much describes you to so many people. You are in my prayers every night.

  3. Glenda and Roger Gillis

    Merry Christmas Wendy to you and yours. I am so excited that you are going to City of Hope. I have heard wonderful things about them with a few “miracles” thrown in. We love you and you are in our thoughts, in our hearts and in our prayers.

  4. Antoinette

    Merry Cheistmas Wendy!!! I hope you are feeling better!!!! You are so right about being in the moment and giving to others! You rock girl!!!

  5. Eualie and Eric

    Merry Christmas, Wendy! And best wishes for good health throughout the new year. Love Eulalie and Eric on ELIZABETH JEAN with Elizabeth (aka Beth) and Jean (aka Jean) in Barra de Navidad, Mexico

  6. grace

    Yes…! we did enjoy Christmas with those we love and who loves right back. … it should be ……and I know you did as well. Heard the GOOD NEWS about city of Hope……..YAHOO ! …..I shared your good news with Frank Jr. Debbie and Briana. Frank and Debbie remember their Grandma ( Frank’s mom ) being there and know You will be in good hands as she was. ……..Love from us….to you ……..And Frank too… I know he is watching over you.


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