Salt and Sea, Sublime

Little Bit of Everything off San Jose del Cabo, BCS

Little Bit of Everything off San Jose del Cabo, BCS

As I drove into the parking lot, I could smell the pungent aroma. Of kelp on the beach, decimated sea critters pounded into oblivion by the large swell, and the small reef exposed at this low tide. There were two dozen kids in the water, and not all of them were surfers. There were people on the beach in various stages of dress, with varied accoutrements of fun nearby. There were body surfers suiting up, photographers with numerous lenses, sand explorers with metal detectors scanning the beach, and others just watching. I waited for the sun to peek around the point.

There’s a nice swell moving into the area today and tomorrow resulting from the Pineapple Express pounding the Bay Area. I watch as the body surfers exit the water, hair in their eyes and snot running, grins of exhilaration that will take hours to fade stuck to their faces. They remind me of the years spent at Zuma, Mom on the beach and us kids in the water until we were forced to get out. To me, there was nothing like that lift the swell gives you as it goes by, or the delayed “water quake ” as you hunkered on the bottom, waiting for that bigger wave to pass through. I always got out sunburnt, salty, and grinning knowing I was going to sleep well that night.

There are youngsters on the beach with camera outfits that cost more than my car. Parents proudly watch, watchers gauge the wave height vs their own courage, and gray whales and sailboats wander by offshore. Whitewater shoots in the air, and a turquoise-jade colored wave reflects the sun shining through it.

Many go to Church this Sunday morning. I’m already there.

15 thoughts on “Salt and Sea, Sublime

  1. luanne

    You are a great writer Wendy. Wishing you the best day today and all days ahead. God is with you. love to you Luanne

  2. Joanne Cameron

    Thank you Wendy for your blog today. Hope that you are enjoying this day, and from your words you are. WOW! You have such a beautiful way of expressing your thoughts of “All things Great and Small” Even the little sand crabs if you saw any would have had the best write up with their scampering to dig their hiding place in the sand before the sea gulls got them. Your way of writing brings us all in as if we were there on the beach. Have you thought about writing a book. Thinking about you. Sending prayers and enjoy this wonderful day.

  3. Grace Vernola

    I agree…..that’s my church as well.  You HAVE missed your calling ! Your writing is beautiful .                                                                        

  4. Tony de Witte

    Darling, Daring Windy,
    You are a remarkable writer. I hold my breath waiting to hear from you and your story of your saga. Each time I see the email of you blog, it’s “Yay!!!!” But, the stories you recount through your travails are marvelous. Start writing your Memoir, Windy! Heck, you’ve already written most of it! Start compiling it, then, into a memoir. Your story is a beautiful one. Begin the account of your legacy. You see the world through a wondrous mind and keen vision. Set yourself that goal, to recount the passages of SV Willow with Windy. You are a Wind in my soul, Windy. As long as I feel that Wind blow over my Spirit, I am happy, and I am content!

  5. Antoinette

    Spectacular vision you have given us all. I love that the simple things make you so happy, not only now while you are battling this cancer, but always….at least all of the years that I have known you!! I still tell new micn’s all about the “fake” calls you and I would come up with to “enhance” their learning, and how lucky they are now that everything is on a hard drive that I can not erase!! Those were some fun times!! People are so serious nowadays……Take care my friend!! Keep writing, we ALL love it when an e-mail from you pops up!!

  6. Sue Worthington

    Gosh Wendy I felt like I was there with you..what a beautiful picture you painted with your pen!!! You are the best writer. I just love reading your blogs. You didn’t mention which beach you were at, I am thinking it was maybe Dana Point. Take cake, my thoughts and prayers are with you daily.
    Love , Sue

  7. john cometti SWAGMAN

    very nicely put, young lady. Congrats. John Spicer and I are driving north to SD/LA starting next Sunday. I think that I must drive up to LA to find the Thai consulate and beg for a visa. Maybe some lunch?

  8. Nancy

    You have such a talent for descriptive writing, Wendy. I can envision both your current lens as well as the fun family memories of beach time long ago. Thank you for bringing those experiences closer to us. Hugs from Shindig Captn Rob and Admiral Nancy.

  9. Dennis Waters

    Your writing skill is amazing,, you should write book, or 2 or 3…. I don’t care what you write about,, although I think I know it would be related to the ocean and sailing, no matter what you write about, I would read it.


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