Baja Bash, Part I Cabo San Lucas to Bahia Magdalena

Hi All!

It’s 0820 your time, which is the same as my time, and my location is: 22d 55’N 110d 03’W
my speed is: 3.9 knots
my course at the moment is to stay within 1.5 nm of the coast.
Local conditions inshore- wind NW at 15 knots, seas 4′ with a very short period. It’s a bit ickier outside…

It’s kinda yucky out, and the cats are calling me very bad names. I’ve been trying to go offshore a little, but it’s REALLY yucky out there. Being so close in, I won’t be writing long notes for the moment, but know all is well. I’ll just short tack on up the coast, and Willow LOVES her staysail.

Take care everyone, and I’ll write when I can.

About an hour after I wrote this, conditions abated dramatically. Local effect… At 1000, I’m in less than 10 knots, with a larger, but much longer sea swell. Double reefed main and staysail doing nicely, making about 4.2 comfortable knots…

1200 position: 23d 03N 110d 11W SOG 3.7-4.0 kts COG 307d mag. Wind WNW 9 kts Bar 1020 mbs

Later in the day…

Hi Everyone!

I know the first post was a little whiney, WAAAAH-like and such. It truly was icky out for a lil’, short waterlined boat like Willow. I’ll admit to whining, but I don’t regret it. I just couldn’t eat cheese with that whine, or it woulda been on the floor. Icky (nautical term).

Now things have smoothed out a bit, and Willow’s moving out. I’m still using my staysail and a single reef in the main, and I’m short-tacking along the rhumbline, as the conditions let me. I hope to arrive in either Magdalena Bay or Bahia Santa Maria sometime tomorrow night or early Sunday. Then, I’ll be sitting there for a number of days waiting for some weather to pass. My little introduction this morning has taught me much patience for waiting it out. But I should have sailmail running…

The monsters are doing a bit better, looking like they’re from the land of the living. They were NOT sporty this morning. So, all is well aboard for now, and I’ll send you out my position.


At 1600: lat/lon 23d 15’N 110d 22’W SOG 4.3 kts COG 277d mag 124 nm outside of Mag Bay

All’s well, I love you all, and ain’t no fishin’ goin’ on…

Have a great evening!

Day 2

Things are looking a bit rosier here on Willow this morning. I was able to get some rest last night, unlike the night before, with the constant ‘Cabo Boom-boom’ literally playing from speakers around the marina all night long. I feel much better today, especially after coffee and an apple. I look forward to some good meals tomorrow after a full night’s sleep tonight. After I get in, that is. I’m thinking of heading into Mag Bay for the night, refuel Willow from my deck jugs to see what her fuel consumption was, and then make a decision of whether to push on to Turtle Bay, or ask the port captain to shuttle some fuel for me in May Bay. Once I’ve figured my fuel situation out, I may head up the 20-30 nm to Bahia Santa Maria, and sit there for the weather that’s supposed to come down the coast. That may be a good 5 days’ worth of a wait, but it’s all good. As I recall, the last time I was there in 2004, there were miles of beautiful beach and lots of sand dollars. I’d love to collect some!

Once that blow comes through, I’ll head up about 230 nm to Turtle Bay for a final re-fueling and weather window before heading out to Ensenada. The nice thing is there are some nice hidey-holes between Turtle and Ensenada that I can duck into. Everything is weather based, and my friend Tony DeWitte is helping me out with that. Knowing my rough route, he’s able to provide me with a forecast along that particular route. He doesn’t tell me where and when to go; those are my decisions and responsibilities. But if any of you sailors want some info, he’s now broadcasting on the Chubasco and Baja nets. Tell him I say hola and that I sent you!

I hope to be on anchor by midnight or so, and I have about 63 nm to go to the entrance of Mag Bay. Have a wonderful weekend, Everyone, and know I love you all!

1020 local position: lat/lon  23d 42’N 111d 25’W   SOG 4.9 kts   COG  285d mag

Day 3

It’s 0400, I just dropped the hook at Punta Belcher in Mag Bay. All’s well. Need some sleep, some fuel, and to make some minor repairs. If you REALLY want to test some things on your boat, do a bash. That’ll do it! Anywho, I’m off to bed. Talk at you later…

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