Frailes to Cabo San Lucas

This morning confirmed the great reasons I am out here. I left Frailes around 0330, heading toward Cabo. As there is an un-charted rock about 1.25 nm offshore about 5 nm in the direction I’m headed, I decided to stay 3 nm off the coast. Just at sunrise, as the tug Defender was passing to port of me, I got my own whale show. Obviously humpbacks based on their antics and fin slapping, they breached, spy-hopped and tail slapped for me for a good twenty minutes. Of course, with the short, bumpy NE swell behind me, all I got photo-wise were pictures of their splashes. But they were big splashes! Just as they swam off to the horizon, I looked forward and saw the spiky dorsal fin of a marlin move lazily right in front of my bow. (That’s just for you, Mike!) I’ll put a line out shortly, hoping for some sierra or dorado. Yellowtail, if I’m lucky!

I should arrive in Cabo in around 6 hours or so, at 1300-1400. I’ll fuel up, and do a little provisioning. All is well aboard, and I’ll leave either Thursday or early Friday morning. I’ll be playing with watching the weather and timing. It’s a 700 nm or so run up the coast, so if I’m lucky, I can average 3 knots in the slop, and 4.5-5 knots in the not-slop. If it’s 3 knots, I’ll have just enough fuel to make Turtle Bay for a re-fuel. If I can’t hold the 3 knots, and that would be ugly, then it’ll take me a bit longer… We’ll just have to see…

I hope all is well with Everyone! I’ll be on regular email after this post for a day or so, then it’ll be back to sailmail. Have a GREAT hump day, and keep doing good things!

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