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Hi Everyone!

The sun is shining, the breeze is breezing, and it’s a typical Southern California, late November, Santa Ana-y day. In other words, absolutely beautiful. I’ve been feeling pretty sporty the last two weeks, and I owe it all to you! The phone calls, visits, texts, emails and blog comments are so very uplifting to me, and I love each and every one. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have increased my walking distance daily, and that feels good. For those power walkers thinking in terms of miles, hah!!! I’m talking in terms of feet and yards! It’s all good though, because I can really see an increase in distance on a steady basis. I’m tempted to do the Turkey Trot 10K tomorrow here in Dana Point. Really, okay, not really…

My physical strength and endurance grow daily, and of that, I am grateful. I’m not ready to just lay down in bed. I’m able to do a little more here on Willow, like stay ahead of some of my daily chores. I am impressed at how low this illness can take you. I am equally impressed that I’m slowly rising above those low depths and moving on up the line. Mark, a friend from the fire department, paddled by one day. He came aboard and we must’ve sat and talked for at least 4 hours. We made overly optimistic plans to do an early morning SUP paddle in a day or two. Uh, I had to cancel that one. What in the heck was I thinking? BUT! Give me a couple of more weeks of feeling like this, and maybe a short, slow paddle could be an incredible Christmas present to me!!!

I’ve been gardening, meeting with lots of friends for lunch, taking care of appointments and errands, and generally just hanging in there. I don’t do dinners because it’s dark by five o’clock. And dark means bedtime. I know, such a dork… Sitting down below on Willow all day long is one of the worst things I could do. I need the sunshine. I need the people, the conversation, or just plain outdoors. One of the more fun things to do is to listen in on some conversations. At one local beach, I was listening to one homeless man instruct the other that the bible “tells us to beat and murder women.” He was adamant, and apparently, was quoting specific verses, though I can tell you, the nuns never taught me that one! It must be in the (very) Old Testament. At another spot, I heard a man convincingly tell another that Costa Rica is a sovereign state belonging to the United States, and that’s why gringos can own property there. That one I had to look up, and the man had the info half correct. Costa Rica is a sovereign state, but it doesn’t belong to anyone. It’s a member of a Caribbean group, and that’s about it. I’ve listened to my boat neighbor talking about Mexico in ways and in terms I’ve never heard, and none of it was good. I won’t even comment on my participation on a board of directors of a nearby mobile home park. What I hear at those meetings is mind-boggling to me. All of this makes me remain grateful for having a working brain, and the ability to listen to some of the common sense it bombards me with. Note to self: Not only do you have to take care of your body, but your brain’s pretty dang important, too! I’m happy to have its capabilities, and will try to heed its warnings!

That said, I hope you all have a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving! For those of you working the holiday, I’m grateful to you, and may the leftovers be plenty, and the creamed turkey on puff pastry be just as good as Mom used to make!

Best Fishes!

18 thoughts on “Moving Along…

  1. Jeane B

    Yea Wendy! Reading your post made my day! Zane and I just went to the beach and much to his dismay, he had his feet in the water and sand. What a beautiful place we live in! I think of you daily and met Leah the other day. I want to visit you and tell you all about it!

  2. Erik Engebretson

    Hi Wendy,
    So nice to receive your note on how things are moving along. Leah, Keenan and I wish you the very best this holiday season. I’m truly thankful to have you as a friend!

    Keep up the fight, our thoughts are with you!!!!

  3. Bill McNeely

    I’ll be out in the 5K Masters’ Division of the Turkey Trot Thurs. morning (love that “MASTERS” part). maybe I can carry you on my shoulders. Uhhhh … maybe not … Think turkey!

  4. Tom Brown

    Wendy Lady!! we miss you so much down here in Marina Palmira!! You have to know that there is a tidal wave of good thoughts that head you way each and every day form down Mexico way…Your name came up in a small dock gathering yesterday, with several of us hatching a way to kidnap you and bring you back to Mexico, if even for a few days. We just weren’t sure if there was any protection from extradition back to the US….Some one mentioned that kidnapping was like a really back offense or something
    . Please know that nothing would make my day better than to get a big ginormus Wendy hug!! well, that and perhaps a little kitty cat time!!

    we love you, miss you and know that nobody in the world will do a better job of kicking this things ass! Keep smiling….

    La Paz Cruisers Supply

  5. Colleen Maurer

    Happy Thanksgiving Wendy!!! I love reading your updates. Please know that I am praying for your continued strength & healing.

  6. Goggie

    Hi Wendy, What a sweet update on your progress. When I read your post, it gave me such a smile to know that your are on YOUR WILLOW, and enjoying this great weather. It was also great to hear how happy you were to have so many post, visits, and well wishes sent your way.
    Girl, you are the one that I so looked up to on the Dept. Your awesome attitude, your care for others, and that GREAT smile of yours. Just to let you know that you are in my prayers, and when I’m in Ventura, would love to come by and visit. May you have a great Thanksgiving with family and loved ones.

  7. Antoinette

    Happy Thanksgiving Wendy!! I’m glad you are feeling a little better. Remember to take your time, you don’t need to be paddling across the Pacific by next week!! I think your Christmas goal is perfect!!! Take care buddy!!

  8. luanne

    Wishing you a very very very Happy Thanksgiving Wendy 🙂 We are happy to know thing are looking up! Thinking of you everyday and love to you Vaughn and Luanne

  9. Bill Bischoff

    Hi Wendy, I’m so glad to hear that you are getting your strength back. Enjoy this fine SoCal weather before it cools off. I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving and that December brings continued improvement and happiness.
    All the best, Bill. S/V Odyssey

  10. Dan Rodriguez

    So, today is the day after Thanksgiving and I pick up a SOD day at 63s, working as a fireman. As I am making relief I run into an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time and she tells me about this blog she has been reading. Someone I know, she says, a really talented writer… and I gotta read it. Wendy, I didn’t know you were a writer, but it is SO good to read your blog! Real difficult topics these past few, but thanks for sharing from your heart. You’ve always had a way with words and you write just like you talk. I can even hear your voice as I read…and it’s good to hear your voice. I’d love to see you as well, could I stop by sometime for a visit? I’m glad you are out of the big house and back on Willow. Keep up your signature “glass half full” perspective on life. I’ll be praying not only for healing, but that God would give you complete peace as you continue on this journey. Love you lots! Dan

  11. Jay Lovato

    Grateful to see your continuing posts here to keep us apprised. Continuing to pray for strength and improving health as you continue on this journey. Hoping to see you in 2015 some time. Will be in touch. Jay and Barb

  12. Kay Kenngott

    Hi, Wendy! Glad to hear you are doing well. We think of you often and talk about your giving Tom the chance of a lifetime to do the Ha-Ha…..he will always treasure that memory and I thank you for making it possible. Sending much love and healing vibes….
    Kay, Tom and The Kitties

  13. Ellen Todd

    Hi Wendy, It is so good to hear you are feeling better _ i can see the smile on your face – at least in my mind I can. I would love to stop by and say HI sometime if you feel like a visit – let me know

    Lots of love and good wishes

  14. Art Sorrentino

    Wendy, I still can’t get the image of you screaming in my ear to “WAKE UP” out of my head, at oh-dark-thirty, when you were at 9’s. Standing in the street in a bikini top washing the ambulance…but I digress.

    I hope you whip this thing, and soon.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Art Sorrentino


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